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GSM Backhauling

Given the growth of mobile phone networks and the expansion into new generation networks, there is an increased need to supply more bandwidth to mobile operators.

GSM backhauling services apply to geographically challenging countries or countries that have unreliable or lacking communication infrastructures. The solution is to create a simple way to provide for the extra capacity required using satellite connectivity.

This is where Intrasky can help mobile operators. We have both the ability and the know-how to design, implement, and supply onsite support to provide the most efficient and reliable backhauling solution using our satellite capacities. We can also increase satellite capacity efficiency for existing links and significantly lessen the space segment required to carry a particular bandwidth without compromising voice quality.

International Gateway

We benefit your business by integrating the finest in satellite bandwidth optimization technologies and utilizing reliable voice compression in order to establish International Gateways links and connect these to various voice exchanges around the world. You can rely on us to provide you with the best-in-class network design, state-of-the-art equipment, implementation, services, and support.

Key Features
  • Guaranteed availability everywhere across the GSM network;
  • Cost-effective and lucrative for any expansion project;
  • Flexible and scalable solutions;
  • Rapid deployment;
  • Reliability and high availability;
  • Highest quality service;
  • Flexible interfaces.