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News & Events

INTRASKY Exhibiting in CABSAT and satellite MENA 2013

Intrasky Offshore SAL will be exhibiting this year again at CABSAT and Satellite MENA, the show is essential for our strategic Marketing plan of our continuous presence as a leading satellite provider in the Middle East region and our growing presence and client’s portfolio in Africa. Furthermore, we hope from this show to gain leads and contacts with various clients requiring our solutions offered such as turnkey system integration, GSM Backhauling and International Gateway solutions, satellite connectivity, field services...

Our aim is to equip governments, banks, NGOs, oil and gas companies, institutions, large corporations, GSM operators, and end-users with the world’s highest quality and most advanced bespoke tools at competitive rates.

We operate with the biggest names in the satellite communications service industry; thus, assuring your uninterrupted connection to the world. Given our impeccable reputation for on-time delivery, guaranteed quality, and superior service, maintenance, and support—particularly in some of the world's harshest environments—we have emerged as the preferred and trusted satellite communications service provider in many parts of the Middle East, Asia, Africa.

Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of cutting-edge technologies in the global satellite services industry and the valued partner of choice for our clients, partners, industry employers, and shareholder investments. We are a performance-driven culture that works relentlessly across language barriers, unique cultures, and diverse terrains to provide best-in-class services by delivering comprehensive, economical, and revolutionary satellite services solutions.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting: Sales@intrasky.com, +9611513613